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Electric Bike Conversion Toolkit Hub Motor

1000W Electric Bike Kit - 10Ah Battery

High speed, high torque and a whole lot of fun! The 1000W electric bike kit with upgraded 10Ah battery from Dillenger has been around, and constantly improved for a long time - and will be around for long time to come.


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Product Description


High Power

This high power electric bike kit from Dillenger delivers 1000W and peaks at 1200W. Giving you more than enough to propel you up to 45 km/h. Along with the high power comes high torque, thanks to our capable 48 volt motor. You will no longer struggle up hills, sweating; you will fly up them, grinning ear to ear.

Included Upgrades

Dillenger’s 1000W electric bike kit comes with a few freebies and upgrades. Military grade plugs have replaced the old wiring connections. Our latest version of the rear rack is now suitable for both hard tail and dual suspension bikes as well as being free with this kit. The display comes upgraded to LCD – displaying speed, distance and charge level metrics.

Pedal Assist

Along with the throttle override, we have built this kit with five levels of pedal assist to give you the option to get as much or as little exercise as you want. A lower setting means that the motor is not helping you as much while you are pedalling. At full assist, the motor delivers higher power so you use minimal energy while cycling.

Large Battery

To power such a large motor reliably, we needed to come up with a great battery. This Lithium Ion Polymer electric bike battery has a nominal voltage of 48V and an actual voltage of 54.6V, making it perfect for the job. Not only does it deliver reliable power, it also has a capacity of 480-watt hours, which is enough to get you 35 to 50 km of range.


Will this kit fit my bike?

There are thousands of different bikes out there, so there is no list to guarantee that any electric bike kit will fit any style of bike.  However almost all bikes, whether they are mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers, BMX and most other variants have very similar measurements.

  • Standard axle slot width at approximately 10mm.
  • Standard front and rear fork dropout widths at approximately (+/-5mm) 100mm and 135mm.

When installing a kit, these are the most important measurements, so they are the ones we focus on, making our electric bike kits as close to universally compatible as you could get.


If you are not sure about what rim size you should be buying, the information you need to know should be on the tyre sidewall of the bike you are converting.

Will the 700C Kit Fit My 29er?

There is often confusion around this question. If your wheel is a 29er, 28″ or 700C, the correct kit for your bike is the 700C.  The 29ers can have wider rims and hubs, so double check the dropout clearance prior to ordering.  We have not yet had a 700C, 28″ or 29er that has been incompatible.  So long as you select the 700C listing and use the tyre that was on your wheel, your 29er will make a great electric bike.

Our 1,000W hub motors use a freewheel 'screw-on' style thread to mount a single, 6, 7, 8 or 9 speed gear set. This is something you can buy from Dillenger or from a bike shop however we do suggest purchasing a new freewheel because some bicycles may have a splined cassette which is incompatible and those that have a freewheel style gear set may have troubles removing it from the bicycle. The simple solution is to buy the correct gear set from us when purchasing your kit!

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation 1,000W Upgraded conversion kit
Main Use Off road only
Nominal Power 1,000W
Peak Power 1,200W
Cruise Speed 40km/h no pedaling
Max Speed 45km/h
Max Range 55km
Average Range 50km
Throttle Only Range 35km
Throttle Type Twist (thumb throttle available)
Pedal Assist Levels 5 Levels
Grips Standard
Handlebar Display KT-LCD1
Rims Double wall eyelet
Spokes 13G stainless steel
Wiring type EB-BUS waterproof cable set
Max Rider Weight 120kg


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Charged Battery Voltage 54.6V
Battery Capacity 10Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 480Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 22650
Cell Spec Headway 22650 2500mAh
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features Adjustable rear rack included
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000
Battery Charger Type SANS 48V 2A Smart charger with balancing
Battery Charge Time 6 hours from empty


Motor Brand Dillenger OEM
Motor Model 1,000W Upgraded wiring
Motor Voltage 48V
Max Motor Power 1,200W
Drive Type Direct drive
Motor Sensors Hall Sensor


Controller Brand Dillenger OEM
Controller Operating Voltage 48V
Controller Max Voltage 60V
Controller Low Voltage Cutoff 40V
Controller Operating Amps 22A +/- 1A
Controller Nominal Power Output 1,000W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 9
Controller Sensors Hall sensors


Total Weight - No Battery 7.5kg
Battery Weight 4.8kg
Total Weight 12.3kg


Battery Width 150mm
Battery Length 365mm
Battery Height 80mm

Whats in the Box?


Customer Reviews (6)

Great kit Review by Kurt
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Great conversion kit, easy to install and if you have any trouble, great customer support, very friendly and helpful.

1st ride was 20km and battery only half empty (throttle only) so I expect good range.

I feel the need for a 1500w kit sneaking in....

The rack was a little noisy, so I opted for an in-frame battery bag instead, but that's personal preference. Anyway... 'Get your motor runnin',
Head out on the highway'! (Posted on 28/04/2016)
Worked as intendedReview by niklas
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I used this kit for daily commute for over 1,5 year now and it never giving me trouble
Even that i use it year around up north of europe where we have down to - 15 C during winter it have still worked. Of course the battery have more trouble to deliver power during the winter so have to keep it at lower speed since the battery cant keep up. (dont think there is any battery that will be able to do this out there if not heated)

+ cables fits great together
+ easy to install
+ great speed and help during steep hills

- the PAS works nicely and its easy to fit, however it could been a more reliable construction to keep it in place

After using the kit i now realized that i should have gone with a different type of battery and fitting. That is of course on me and either the kit or Dillenger

Dillenger as a company have been of big help, i actually hade a long process since the postal office lost my package. Did take long time, still in the end i got new things shipped to me.

(Posted on 15/03/2016)
Delivers the goods with extremely smooth and silent power. Review by Tony Walker
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I love this conversion kit. This is my first hub motor as I have 5 other bikes that are central drives. The hub motor is very simple in design but delivers the goods with extremely smooth and silent power delivery.

Now I can ride stealthily with the Dillenger 1000 watt kit. The kit was very easy to install and only took about an hour all up. I am a happy chappy! Cheers, Tony.
(Posted on 11/02/2015)
Paid for itself within 6 monthsReview by Joanie Shaw
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I got the 1,000w Dillenger conversion kit installed on my bike in September. This was the best investment I have ever made. The installation only took a day and since then I ride my bike everywhere. With the money I have saved in parking and wear and tear on the car, this kit will pay for itself within 6 months. Plus with my bike still having the functionality of a pushbike, I can still pedal and hills are never a problem again!

The bike is so cool to ride that my husband has no qualms about riding a pink bike with a basket on the front!
(Posted on 4/02/2015)
A delight to rideReview by Ron Clark
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Very nice 1000-watt kit from Dillenger. Easy and straightforward to install with nice smooth quiet operation. Pedal assist is great and helps power me along trails. The throttle is handy for adding power as needed plus the kit is compatible with the existing disc brake setup.

A delight to ride.

Kind regards
Ron Clark
(Posted on 17/09/2014)
The kit was a breeze to installReview by Nicholas Davis
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I am extremely happy with my Dillenger electric bike conversion. Previously to making the conversion my bike was impractical to ride as a commuter bike but since the conversion my weekend s-lowrider has become my daily ride. Now my bike has as much style as it has substance. The kit was a breeze to install and has made my bicycle into a workhorse. (Posted on 23/04/2014)

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