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A popular choice of mid drive kit from a proven name in the industry - The Bafang mid drive kit delivers a great amount of torque by powering the chain wheel. Available in 250W with your choice of battery.

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Product Description


The Mid Drive Advantage

The Bafang mid drive kits are well known for their awesome amounts of torque. This is because instead of powering the wheel through a conventional hub motor, they power the main crank. So changing gears directly affects your speed and torque.


The BBS01 motors from Bafang come in 250W and your choice of battery.

Crank Mounted

The installation of this mid drive electric bike kit, while being a little more complex than a regular hub motor, comes with many more advantages. Engineered by Bafang, a leader in mid drive kits, they will fit any internal bottom bracket.

The Perfect Combination

The latest iteration BBS from Bafang combined with Dillenger's choice of solid battery mounting options and high capacity, high discharge potential Samsung cells make for the ultimate DIY electric bike conversion

Will the NT battery fit my bike?

Sizing up your NT batter to your bike



In general there should be only one measurement that you need to complete; measuring to see if the bottom bracket is within 68mm-73mm. The internal diameter of the bottom bracket needs to be a standard threaded BSA; 33.6 - 33.9mm. Also check your bottom bracket for anything that can be in the way of the motor (such as cable gutters that are sticking out or any abnormalities). If your bottom bracket does not look like a smooth cylinder or you're not sure, please send us some photos so we can have a look. The final thing that you will need to check is if the battery will fit on your bicycle. The mid drive installation can be more time consuming than our hub motor conversion kits. We suggest purchasing our conversion kit toolkit because it contains a commonly used spline bottom bracket tool which and a crank puller (both essential). If the bottom bracket has any small defects like a bur or foreign particle in the way, you may need to use a file to smooth these out. The mid drive kit requires a very good fit and this can make it quite stiff to install, but it will fit!

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation 36V Mid drive conversion kit
Main Use On road, recreation, off road, transport
Nominal Power 250W to 350W
Cruise Speed 25km/h to 30km/h
Max Speed Depends on your gearing
Max Range Up to 50-80km (depending on battery package)
Average Range 45km to 60km (depending on battery package)
Throttle Type Thumb throttle
Pedal Assist Levels Up to 9
Handlebar Display LCD
Max Weight 120kg


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 36V
Charged Battery Voltage 42V
Battery Capacity Dependent on selection
Nominal Battery Energy Dependent on selection
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec Samsung 18650 2,200mAh, 2,600mAh and 2,900mAh depending on selection
Cell Configuration 10S
Built in BMS Yes
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000


Battery Height 125mm (NT) 85mm (LT)
Battery Length 360mm including cradle, 315mm without (NT) 408mm including cradle, 359mm without (LT)
Battery Width 82mm (NT) 74mm (LT)


Battery Charger Type SANS 36V 2A Smart charger with balancing
Battery Charge Time 5 hours from empty (7 hours for 14.5Ah battery)


Motor Brand Bafang (8FUN)
Motor Model BBS01
Motor Voltage 36V
Max Motor Power 350W
Drive Type Bottom bracket mid drive motor with gear reduction
Motor Sensors Hall sensor


Controller Brand Bafang (8FUN)
Controller Operating Voltage 36V
Controller Max Voltage 50V
Controller Low Voltage Cutoff 30V
Controller Operating Amps 15A
Controller Nominal Power Output Up to 540W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 6
Controller Sensors Hall sensor


Total Weight - No Battery 3.8kg
Battery Weight 3.2kg (NT) 2.8kg (LT)
Total Weight 7kg (NT) 6.6kg (LT)

Whats in the Box?


Customer Reviews (1)

Excellent product, impressed with the performance and how easy it was to convert my existing 29er.Review by Joann
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I suffered a recent health setback by way of an auto immune disease, with Rheumatoid Arthritis being the main affliction. While recovering I did some research and came across Dillenger's website and purchased the BBS01. I fitted the entire kit myself, I did struggle with the pedals and the bottom bracket but I was able to remove them with some strategic thinking! I fitted the BBS01 to my Giant Talon 29er and it has turned my bike into a go anywhere easy riding power machine. The BBS ensures I get home every time, I can go for a bike ride with confidence knowing that if I get too tired I can increase the PAS or throttle all the way home! I am that impressed with ebike technology that I have ordered an ARC Street 520wh to convert my partner's bike, so they can keep up! (Posted on 2/09/2015)

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