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  • 350W Electric Fat Bike Kit

    Bafang's super chunky 26" 350W fatbike conversion kit for regular 175mm fat bike frames. The RMG06 is the fat bike equivalent to the motor used in the Dillenger Premium kit, but has been limited to 350W for this application. A Samsung cell 36V 14.5Ah battery pack (similar to the Dillenger Street kit battery pack) will see you get up to 40km range which isn't bad for a fat bike. Let's face it, they're not exactly the most efficient two-wheeled contraption. All the more reason to put 350W on the back!

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  • BBS HD1000 - Bafang Mid Drive B Series

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    Bafang has developed a new heavy duty, high performance mid drive motor that surpasses the performance of the BBS02. The BBS-HD (Also referred to as BBS03 or BBS-X) is a 1,000W nominal, 1,600W peak output monster of a mid-drive conversion kit, now with factory options for normal 68-73mm cranks as well as wider fat bike cranks (factory order). With 160Nm of torque, 30 Amp 12 MOSFET controller, and the choice of 2 high-drain Samsung cell battery packs, this conversion kit is the most powerful universal DIY mid drive on the market.

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  • BBS02 Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit Bafang - B Series

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    The big sibling of the BBS01, the BBS02 mid drive kit comes in 750W and your choice of battery - For when you need to climb Everest on a bike...or travel a great speed - on private property.

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  • 1500W Electric bike kit - High capacity, long range battery

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    Our latest iteration of the popular 1,500W rear hub motor kit features some very significant upgrades. This kit comes with the new Dillenger 17.5Ah long-range 48V battery system. This makes it possible to mount 840Wh of high-performance battery within a bike frame, without the need for sloppy soft bags (no thanks) or custom fabrication. This battery system makes it possible to house a lot of energy in a safe, rigid and stylish assembly. Say goodbye to range anxiety with 48V 17.5Ah packaged neatly within your bikes standard shape frame. A new sinewave controller accelerates your converted bike effortlessly without any noise whatsoever. It's an astonishing feeling that is highly addictive!


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