Premium Off-Road Conversion Kit

From the success of the Vermillion high performance off-road electric bike, Dillenger brings you our newest high-powered conversion kit based on the same geared BLDC power plant. This is powered by a monster battery pack boasting a massive 624Wh of capacity. This premium off-road kit is an evolution away from the direct drive 1,000W and 1,500W off-road kits and instead adopts the super high torque newly developed 500W geared BLDC rear wheel motor. With a 13Ah 48V battery pack using a high discharge, high capacity Li-ion cells you won’t worry about chewing through the capacity at such a prodigious rate.

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Product Description


No more range anxiety

624Wh of capacity is a huge amount of energy, but at a high discharge potential it’s important to know that your fun will last all day. We had a great deal of feedback from the 1,500W Hardcase we produced in 2016 that showed us customers loved the super long range. The reliability and longevity also increase over the lifetime of the unit where the capacity is surplice to the customer’s needs. So whilst it is a high-end, premium product in terms of the cost of a large battery unit, the benefits present great value and riding experience.

Integrated controller

One of the limitations of previous high powered kits is the use of the detached controller box which was usually mounted under the down tube. One of the big improvements in using this battery case system from Reention is that it allows us to integrate the 22A proprietary controller into the base of the battery cradle. So what you can see in the first image of the product actually shows the controller as well, which is neatly integrated into the battery cradle system. This results in a super clean overall look and is a lot easier to fit, requiring no additional fasteners.

Plug and play

As with all our plug and play conversion kits, apart from a few basic bicycle tools this kit includes everything you need to get up and going. If you require our hub motor conversion toolkit, please check it out here. Apart from these tools, we include everything you need to get going including the motor wheel, battery, cradle/controller, LCD, throttle, pedal assist sensor, e-brake sensor, all the wiring and AU/US/EU approved charger. If your current bicycle uses a cassette style gear set, we would encourage customers to purchase a freewheel from Dillenger or your local bike shop.

Geared hub

We've gradually departed from the large 1,000W direct drive hubs that have served the company so well for so many years. Whilst they hold a dear place in our heart we always got a nice little buzz when trialing the 500W geared options that were available on the market at the time. Unfortunately the BPM hubs that were available at the time had a lot of issues which is why we held on to the 1,000W direct drives for so long. The new 500W Premium kit motor hub is an evolution from our 250W geared hub motor which has had bullet proof reliability over the years. So after a lot of testing and a lot of fun, we've crossed over and haven't looked back! Yes there is a slight sacrifice on top speed but the additonal acceleration and general riding performance is absolutely worth it.


Will this kit fit my bike?

There are thousands upon thousands of different bikes out there, so there is no list to guarantee that it will, however almost all bikes, whether they are mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers, BMX or whatever else, have a very standard axle slot width (approx. 10mm), standard front and rear fork dropout widths (approx. 100mm and 135mm respectively) which our kits are universally compatible with. The front-on profile of the motor wheel is also very similar to that of a normal wheel, so clearance on the fork section is also not a drama. If you dropout dimensions are within 5mm of this then that is generally acceptable. To use the pedal assist sensor your bike must have the standard internal bottom bracket bearings and about 4mm clearance on the crank axle on the non-drive side of the bike. If this isn't practical, you can easily use the kit without the pedal assist sensor, or change your bottom bracket.

What Size Conversion Kit Do I Need?

The information you need to know will be written on the tyre of the bike you’re converting. It’s not the diameter of the rim alone, it’s a complicated measurement that is annoying to work out from measurements of the wheel, rim and tyre. The easiest, most straightforward way to know what size you need is to look at the info on the tyre. It should read 20, 24, 26, 28 or 700C somewhere on the sidewall.

What’s The Difference Between 700C, 28″ And 29er?

It’s a complicated measurement and there is often confusion around this question. If you own a 29er, 28″ or 700C wheel bike, you need to order a 700C kit which will be the correct kit for your bike. The 29ers can have wider rims and hubs, so check the dropout clearance prior to ordering. We have not yet had a 700C, 28″ or 29er that has been incompatible. So long as you select the 700C listing and use the tyre that was on your wheel, your 29er will make a great electric bike. The rims in the kit are 25mm wide (outer width) and can take from a 38C tyre.

Will this battery fit my bike?

Sizing up your battery to your bike

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation Conversion Kit
Main Use Off Road
Nominal Power 500W
Peak Power 1,000W
Max Speed 45km/h (28mph)
Max Range 100km (62 miles)
Average Range 50km (31 miles)
Throttle Only Range 40km (25 miles)
Throttle Type Thumb throttle
Pedal Assist Levels 9 Levels
Handlebar Display C965
Spokes 12G SS
Wiring type EB-BUS
Max Weight 120kg


Battery Chemistry Li-ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Battery Capacity 13Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 624Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Configuration 13S 5P


Motor Brand Dillenger
Motor Model 500W
Motor Voltage 48V
Max Motor Power 1,000W
Drive Type Geared reduction hub motor


Controller Brand Dillenger OEM Sinewave
Controller Operating Voltage 48V
Controller Operating Amps 22A


Battery Weight 3.8kg
Total Weight 8.5kg

Whats in the Box?

Rim w/ Motor 1 ~6kg - Cable Length 400mm  
Battery 1 Cable Length 490mm
Charger 1  
LCD & Handlebar Controller 1 1 x LCD (66mm x 97mm) (Cable Length 170mm)
1 x Handlebar Controller (23mm x 45mm) - Cable Length 290mm
1 x Mounting Bracket
4 x Half Rubber Fittings
2 x Screw (M3.8 x 10mm)
1 x LCD User Manual
Throttle 3 Pin Male 1 Cable Length 175mm
Cable Length 175mm
Thumb Throttle
Pedal Assist Sensor 1 1 x Sensor (Cable Length 355mm)
1 x Magnetic Disc (86mm)
1 x Metal Cir-clip
RPAS - Upgraded Wiring
Brake Sensors 1 2 x Sensors (Cable Length 210mm)
1 x 3M Double Sided Adhesive
2 x Magnets (9.5mm x 9.5mm)
Hydraulic Brake Sensors
4 to 1 Cable (Cable Length 1300mm) 1 1 x Plastic Mounting Bracket
1 x Plastic Clamp
1 x M5 Screw
1 x M5 Nut
Motor Extension Cable 1 Cable Length 300mm  
Plastic Cable Sleeve 1 Length 1050mm  
Zip Ties 10    
C Washers 2    


Customer Reviews (5)

Loving itReview by Ivan
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
This is my first e-bike kit and I've clocked up nearly 700 km so far. I've done a small amount of off-road (where it is great!) and otherwise use it to essentially flatten a couple of big hills on my route home from work. I got it installed relatively easily - just had to put a couple of washers on the axle to line up the disc brake.
I have fun just about every time I ride now. I scoot along at a handy pace, but mostly get great satisfaction from reaching hills and just not having to slow down. I rarely use the pedal assist at anything greater than 6 (out of 9). My work commute is about 11km each way (almost all on cycle paths) and I get to and from work on less than half a charge, even with minimal actual pedalling. I haven't needed to test the full range, but I'd guess 40km+ where I live. And in comparison to driving to work, I'm actually faster during the rush hour because I don't sit in traffic jams, and I save $14.50/day on parking - it'll pay for itself in another 2 months. An additional advantage is that I don't arrive at work hot and sweaty, so I can skip the shower at work and knock off another 10-15 minutes.
I hope this motor lasts indefinitely, but if it doesn't I'll surely be getting another one. (Posted on 11/12/2019)
Best Kit Thus Far!Review by Ed
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
OK, where do I begin, this is my third kit from these guys. Had some issues with previous kits but nothing which wasnt sorted out promptly. This new Premium off road kit, what can I say. WOW! Quite, Powerful and a breeze to fit. No customer support required at this stage. Only hipcup I had was the battery bracket didnt line up with my bottle holder holes, so I had to Pop Rivet the mount onto my downtube. No dramas seems to hold quite well so far. I have done approx 500km thus far and battery life I get approx 40km on a full charge. Hub Wheel seems true and spokes seemed to be tensioned fine. Throttle you have to be careful to not let it rip as you will do a serious burn out or lift the front wheel. OK thats about it, overall great kit and will surely grab another one when this one bites the dust. Best kit that they have come up with so far. Thanks Dillenger. (Posted on 18/04/2019)
The torqueReview by jean-Paul
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
This is my second kit I have bought from Dillenger. I have been thoroughly impressed after doing about 500kms. I had to true the wheel properly before installing on my bike. Not sure why it wasnt properly trued before it left the factory. It needed some spokes tightened. I found it was a little trickier to install on my new bike. With newer components like shimano deore crankset it can be a little tricky to install the sensor magnet. But apart from that once installed it was a dream to ride the bike. The range is also amazing. You definitely have to have the break sensors and disc brakes with this kit. I am really amazed with the constant power and torque it provides (Posted on 9/11/2018)
Quick and painless installationReview by Brad
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Fitted and installed by Dillenger in Southport was well worth the price paid! I picked up the bike and the fitment was so professional, much better than I could do :)
I'm very happy with this kit as it is much more powerful than the street kit, with a hugely better range from the massive battery. Great! (Posted on 12/06/2018)
Crazy TorqueReview by Jezz
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
After researching and trying to decide between the 1000W kit and this new 500W kit, I'm positive I've made the right decision. This produces a massive amount of torque thanks to the geared motor, compared to the 1000W direct drive (friend of mine owns one). I highly recommend this kit over the 1000W kit, so much fun! (Posted on 6/06/2018)

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