The Jaguar is Dillenger's entry level step through model electric bike. With pedal assist, removable battery, 6 speed Shimano and a handy rear pannier rack, it's a great model for the price conscious. You'll be delighted with the torque generated by the rear drive geared hub motor. This is one of the easiest models to use in our range and everything is included in the shipping carton to get you underway. It's an obvious choice for those looking for value and need an electric bike to get from place to place.

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Product Description


Step Through Elegance

The Jaguar is a design combination of style, function and comfort. Quite often it is an understated advantage to have a step through frame. It makes getting on and off the bike quick, easy and comfortable. For some riders it is the difference between being able to ride a bike or not (where knee or hip mobility is a consideration). The various reasons for opting for a step through frame are numerous. Some just prefer getting onto a bike by ‘stepping-through’. For ladies wearing a dress or skirt, ‘swinging a leg over’ is not really an option.

Over Engineered

Step through electric bikes are often designed very differently to their electric mountain bike counterparts. Step through bikes are sometimes regarded as not requiring the same capability as mountain bike style electric bike. We decided to share the electric bike drive components between the Puma and the Jaguar, not only because they are both big cats, but because we can simplify our supply line and spares inventory by sharing technology. This means that the Jaguar has the same excellent range, 6 speed Shimano gear set and bullet proof internally geared rear hub motor. We don’t expect you to be doing back flips on your Jaguar, but you can be confident that this electric bike will exceed your needs for a step through commuter.

Excellent Quality, Excellent Price

Re-launching our range of step through electric bikes has given us the opportunity to re-think the concept from the ground up. We’ve used all the good parts we know work reliably and matched them to a frame concept with great aesthetics. We’ve challenged ourselves to complete this to a very specific price point which is what consumers demand (whilst improving the quality). We’ve offered the upgrades that customers ask for over and above the normal models.

Jaguar Upgrade Available

For those customers wanting to spend that little bit extra and opt for a few upgrades, we've released a newer version of the Jaguar with a lithium battery and variable pedal assist. For those customers just wanting a super easy to use e-bike to get from one point to another, the basic Jaguar is perfect. But if you're going to be using the bike day-in, day-out, we recommend you take a look at our newest model Jaguar! The upgraded battery is more suitable for those customers who will get a lot of use out of the bike. The upgraded lithium battery is rated to perform more discharge/recharge cycles than the standard battery. You might find it more economical in the long run to opt for this upgrade.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation Electric Bike
Assembly Required Handlebar alignment, pedals, front wheel
Main Use Commuting, leisure
Nominal Power 250W
Peak Power 25km/h
Max Rider Weight 120kg
Max Range 50km
Average Range 35km
Pedal Assist Levels 1 (3 levels for upgraded version)
Grips Wuxing
Handlebar Display LED battery level display
Tyres Kenda 26 x 1.75"
Rims Aluminium
Spokes Steel
Wiring type Internally routed
Lights Front LED light
Frame Material High tensile steel


Battery Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid (dry cell) OR Lithium Ion (LiMn2O4) for the upgraded version
Nominal Battery Voltage 24V
Charged Battery Voltage 24V
Battery Capacity 12Ah for basic version, 8Ah for Lithium Ion upgraded version (Lithium battery is smaller in capacity, but will delivery marginal improvements on range)
Nominal Battery Energy 288Wh for basic version, 192Wh for the upgraded version (small improvement in range)
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type SLA dry cell (prismatic Lithium Ion for the upgraded version)
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 300 cycles for basic version, 1,000 cycles for the upgraded version
Battery Charger Type 24V 1.8A Smart charger (24V 1.2A Lithium Ion smart charger for the upgraded version)
Battery Charge Time Approx. 6 hours from empty


Brake Type Wuxing front V brake, rear roller brake
Brake Levers Wuxing


Transmission Brand Shimano
Transmission Type 6 Speed rear derailleur
Shifters Shimano SIS index
Deraileur Shimano Tourney SIS
Rear Sprocket Shimano 6 speed


Motor Voltage 24V
Max Motor Power 250W
Drive Type Geared hub motor
Motor Sensors Hall sensor


Controller Brand Dillenger OEM
Controller Operating Voltage 24V
Controller Max Voltage 24V
Controller Operating Amps 15A
Controller Nominal Power Output 250W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 6
Controller Sensors Hall sensor


Total Weight - No Battery 22.8kg
Battery Weight 9.2kg (2.3 with upgraded version)
Total Weight 32kg (25.1kg with upgraded version)


Length 180cm
Width 67cm
Height 104cm
Frame Size Small to medium
Wheel Base 117cm
Wheel Size 26"
Ground to Max Seat Height 98cm
Ground to Lowest Seat Height 81cm

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Customer Reviews (1)

Cutest thing in our neighbourhoodReview by Evelyn Chong
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Hi there
We bought a Jaguar as a first bike after Decades! We were looking for one suitable for apartment living and short distances. I enjoy breezing along the board walks and promenade of the Sydney Harbour foreshore. The Jaguar is a fun recreational bike and the cutest thing in our neighbourhood. Sam has given us wonderful support before and after sale and I recommend his company highly.
(Posted on 18/03/2015)

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