Mega Torque Arms

Laser cut stainless steel Mega Torque arms. Tested up to 6,500W, these will safely transfer large amounts of torque from your rear hub motor along the rear forks.
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10mm thick stainless steel will stop your bike folding up like a pretzel.

Having experienced and witnessed the failures of regular torque arms at high power, we were prompted to develop a new style torque arm for the higher powered kit projects we get to tinker with. This took some time to get right. It's not an easy task to create a large torque arm that will still mount to a bicycle. We've designed the profile, thickness and mounting options to compromise ideally between strength under enormous torque and also ease of installation. Even so, we don't hesitate in recommending these Mega torque arms only for the experienced electric bike enthusiast. Fitment of these torque arms may require some compromise and modification on the bike side of the equation. If you're buying these to fit onto a bike that can't be ground/gently modified with a grinding tool, we would steer you away from this style of conversion altogether. If you've done the rounds and preparing parts for your next custom build, look no further.

Includes all the fasteners need (shown in photos) and stainless steel custom bushes. These install on the axle, inside the dropout, and allow you to tighten the axle bolts over the torque arm to an appropriate torque, without the frame dropouts from 'jumping' over the axle flange. When installing the Mega torque arms, you will be required to custom form (bend in a vice) so that the top profile follows the angle of your frame. Depending on your dropout style (derailleur or horizontal) you can mount the torque arms on either the seat stays (upright) or chain stays (horizontally) to get the best alignment.

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