Nuvinci N380 with Harmony Controller

Fallbrook Technologies latest iteration of the Nuvinci CVT for e-bikes is nothing short of astonishing. It’s not often that a company on the forefront of an emerging technology chooses the bicycle industry to make its mark. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using a Nuvinci CVT, you’ll understand just how astonishing this product is!
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The Nuvinci N380 with Harmony electronic controller is both an improvement and an advancement on the N360. What we’re most impressed with in the Harmony controller. We would not recommend the N380 with cable shift as we believe the pairing of the N380 with the Harmony controller is what makes this product phenomenal. This set can only be purchased complete.

How does it work?

Fallbrook’s by-line is ‘turning gears into spheres’ which is a clever way of phrasing that their CVT does not use gears to transmit torque at all. Inside the N380 transmission is a planetary arrangement of large ball bearings. The input and output of the transmission are large steel rings that the set of ball bearings rotate between. As the angle of the ball bearings is changed, the output ring speed varies compared to the input ring, based on the difference in circumference of the contact points on the spherical ball bearings. Sound complicated? It is!

The genius of this system is the Harmony electronic controller which uses a micro controller and a servo motor to shift the N380 hub automatically. You can opt to select your own ratio on the handlebar display, or you can set your pedal cadence, where the Harmony control takes over the shifting for you to maintain the exact pedal cadence. Whether you’re riding slowly up a hill, or screaming down the hill at speed, the Harmony will shift the N380 CVT hub automatically so that your pedal cadence in constant. It’s an incredible feeling!

What bicycle can I fit this on?

The N380 with Harmony controller is designed to fit on many bicycles, but keep in mind this will not be suitable for rear hub motor electric bikes (might seem obvious, but worth a mention!). For bicycles with rear dropouts suitable for derailleur gear sets, this will also be incompatible. The best option for the Nuvinci is a bicycle with horizontal drop outs.

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