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The Dillenger Hunter is an off road electric bike at the top of our range of production off-road models, featuring the brand new monster BBS-HD (1,000W nominal, 1,600W peak) power unit, long travel downhill forks, 180mm hydraulic disk brakes and high power Panasonic battery. With a top speed of 50km/h (30mph) it's an obvious staff favorite. This model is strictly for sale as 'off road, private property use only'. Cleverly styled to resemble a regular ebike, the Hunter is anything but. It's a staff favourite because you can cruise along at crazy speed on something that feels overly powerful, but doesn't look like a motorbike. The new model hunter also features Maxxis High Roller dual ply 2.5" wide tyres, Panasonic 3,500mAh 10.4Ah high drain, high energy battery (now 500Wh!) and Agentura REPRO patented GearSensor.


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Product Description


Panasonic Discharge Potential

The Panasonic NCR 18650GA 3,500mAh cells are know for their enormous 10A (per cell) discharge potential, making them ideal for a high powered off road electric bike. A careful consideration in the design of any electric vehicle systems is the balance of capability between the individual cell, battery pack, BMS (battery management system), controller and motor. The design discharge potential of the cell type should always be higher than the discharge requirement of the pack and the pack should be more capable than the design requirements of the BMS. The discharge capability of the battery and BMS together should then be higher than the requirements placed on the pack by the motor and controller. So when we put together the Hunter with the high current and voltage demands, only the Panasonic high power cells were fit for the task.

1,600W Peak Mid Drive Power

The BBS-HD is a complete ground-up rework for the most powerful and efficient mid drive unit on the market. The BBS-02 was a 9 FET 25A system based on the BBS-01. The BBS-HD has grown a lot in size up to 12 FET and can comfortable churn out 30A all day long without missing a beat. The size of the motor considerably larger than the BBS-02 so we've designed a cover that partially conceals the motor. The BBS-HD comes custom spec'd with the patented GearSensor as standard which you will need on those gear shifts. The BBS-HD is at the limit of what is viable on an e-bike for a mid drive powerplant. The GearSensor works with the motor and intermittently inhibits the power from the motor during each gear shift, to ensure you don't throw a chain or damage the shifter and derailleur. We've tuned this system so you don't have to.

Proper stopping power

Most bikes don't regularly hit 50km/h on the flat so it's pretty important to have exceptional stopping power. The Tektro Dorado 180mm hydraulic disk brake system feels as good as motorcycle brakes on the Hunter. The larger diameter disks provide even more leverage to stop the bike when needed. These brakes also have built in switches so when the brakes are used, the controller inhibits power to the motor as an added safety. They won't fade, melt or warp even under the high demands of the Hunter.


The Hunter is designed to look like a bicycle, but feel like a crossover between a bicycle, and an electric motorbike. This bike provides limitless fun, while riding a machine that still resembles a bicycle, not a motorcycle. More finesse goes into the design of product that has performance but is also subtle at the same time. This 'best of both worlds' was the design mantra for the Hunter range and the Hunter Mid Drive is the pinnacle.

See the full review on this electric bike here

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation Electric bike
Assembly Required Handlebar alignment, seat and pedals only
Main Use Off road only
Nominal Power 1000W
Peak Power 1600W
Cruise Speed 40km/h (24mph)
Max Speed 50km/h (31mph)
Max Weight 150kg (330lbs)
Max Range 50km (31 miles)
Average Range 40km (24 miles)
Throttle Only Range 25km (16 miles)
Throttle Type Thumb
Pedal Assist Levels Level 1 to 9, level 0 throttle only
Grips Lock grips
Handlebar Display Dillenger C965
Headset Neco
Stem Promax
Saddle Velo Plush VL-3057
Seatpost Promax suspension seat post
Pedals VP Alloy, with reflector
Crankset Bafang
Bottom Bracket Bafang
Front Fork ZOOM 650DH 26
Tyres CST Small block 2.125 x 26"
Spokes 12G Stainless steel
Wiring type EB-BUS waterproof cable set
Lights Spaninga Front light HL2500
Frame Material 6061 Aluminium


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Charged Battery Voltage 54V
Battery Capacity 10.4Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 499.20Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec Panasonic NCR 18650GA 3,500mAh
Cell Configuration 13S 3P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features Removable & lockable
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000
Battery Charger Type SANS 48V 2A Smart charger
Battery Charge Time 4 hours from empty


Brake Type Tektro Hydraulic disk brake with TR180-17: Ø180 mm rotors ( New Wave )
Brake Levers Tekro Dorado HD-E710
Brake Callipers Tekro Dorado


Transmission Brand Shimano
Transmission Type Shimano Deore 10 Speed
Shifters Shimano Deore
Deraileur Shimano Deore
Chain KMC XC10
Rear Sprocket Shimano 10 Speed


Motor Brand Bafang
Motor Model BBS-HD
Motor Voltage 48V
Max Motor Power 1600W
Drive Type Mid Drive
Motor Sensors Hall sensor


Controller Brand Bafang
Controller Operating Voltage 48V
Controller Max Voltage 48V
Controller Operating Amps 30A
Controller Nominal Power Output 1000W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 12 Mosfet
Controller Sensors Hall sensor


Total Weight - No Battery 23.0kg (50.7lbs)
Battery Weight 2.9kg (6.4lbs)
Total Weight 25.9kg (57.1lbs)


Length 183cm (72 inches)
Width 65cm (26 inches)
Height 116cm (46 inches)
Frame Size Medium (one size available)
Wheel Base 115cm (45 inches)
Wheel Size 26"
Ground to Max Seat Height 102cm (40 inches)
Ground to Lowest Seat Height 88cm (35 inches)

Whats in the Box?


Customer Reviews (8)

Hunter off roadReview by Nick
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Recently purchased this bike and have used it for commuting to work 23km each way and quick trips to local shops between 2-3km each way.

The 1000W mid drive at Level 9 with assisted pedaling can get you to speeds of 50km within a very short time. Cruising at level 9 will drain your battery with a maximum range of less than 7km. At power level 3, I was able to get to work with one bar left on the indicator cruising at 30-40km with pedal assist for the entire trip. If you live in an area which has lots of hills then your range will be reduced considerably - you may have to ride at Level 1-2.

Brakes are awesome. Gear changing is smooth and flawless - another gear would be great as you are not able to pedal assist easily at speeds greater than 50km.

Front suspension is great once you adjust it to suit your weight and riding style. Battery takes 6 hrs to charge when fully drained. 4 hrs if you still have 1-2 bars left.

One issue which constantly presents itself is an error and loss of power while riding /going over bumps. The cable from the display to the cluster constantly looses connection and requires squeezing or jiggling to get power back and the fault to disappear.

Otherwise great bike, anyone who buys this bike will have an awesome time. (Posted on 4/05/2018)
Dillenger After sales service is perfection.Review by Ian
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I bought my bike through a Dillenger Agent, Alan Powell on Gumtree. After, discussing the bikes on offer, I test rode many of the Dillenger bikes at their shop in Southport.

The HUNTER is the most impressive performer by far, so I bought it immediately.

The customer service Alan provides to make sure youre 100% happy with your bike is second to none!
I can, without hesitation, say you wont be disappointed with buying from Alan or the Dillenger staff for repairs.

Thank you Alan for a job well done.
Ian, A happy electric power bike rider! (Posted on 15/09/2016)
2015 HunterReview by Wayne
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I've had the Dillenger Hunter 750W mid-drive since June 2015, and it is everything a great E-bike should be. I've had it on track and road, touring and climbing very steep gradients with ease, the bike is heavy but well compensated in power and its ability to handle with low centre of gravity due to the motor and battery positioning.
Brakes are fantastic and front suspension great for offroads.

Visit my blog to see the pic's and projects-

I'm an Electrical Engineer and I am impressed with Dillengers attention to detail and quality build in their kits and e-bikes.
Regards, Wayne.

(Posted on 6/07/2016)
I recommend the Hunter Off RoadReview by Mehraan
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I have done over 200 km on this bike so far and it lives up to its specs, especially its top speed and acceleration. There are bikes out there, specifically the Specialised Turbos, which are similar in specs but much higher in price point (+$2000) - so its definitely competitively priced. The only issue I have had on it is the battery life. However that's because I am 104 kg and my backpack is usually 6 kg and I always ride it in the highest power output level, the higher gears, with little or no peddling, and I live in a hilly area (some hills being 50% incline) - so its expected I would get less range (I get a range of 15 km). (Posted on 7/04/2016)
Unbelievable Performance!Review by Pete
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
The BBSHD electric bike has to be the best value for money around. It blows alot of the higher end, overpriced ebikes out of the a mile.
Get one. (Posted on 17/02/2016)
top bikeReview by Dereck
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Great bike, easy to ride, 1-9 levels on power [pas] just right,or use power from take off right up to top speed 50 kph,,did have to swap over front and back brake cables,front brake is now right hand lever, will buy another one ! (Posted on 26/11/2015)
Forget the rest, make this your first eBike!Review by Wombat
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
The Hunter 750W Mid-Drive eBike was my first eBike purchase. After months of meticulous research and deciding that I didn't have the technical skills to attach a kit to my own bike, I purchased this beauty Sept 2015. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and use it to go everywhere.

The Good: It came delivered to my door 4 business days after I ordered it online ... not too shabby as it had to come half way across the country (from Dillinger HQ to Adelaide, SA).

It was well boxed and packaged, ensuring it made it to me in pristine condition.

I only had to put on the front wheel and pedals, which was very do-able, even given my own lack of DIY skills. (It was about on par with putting together stuff I recently bought from IKEA).

Visually it is quite stunning, it looks sleek and modern, with clean lines, nice paintwork, great colour scheme (black with red and white detailing), and a clean finish.

I can't fault the componentry much. It is mostly mid/high end accessories and parts that match well with the price (especially now that it is around $400 cheaper than when I purchased it a few weeks ago, ouch!).

Currently I get about 20-30km (round trip range) using a combination of power levels (from lowest, 1 to highest, 9) depending on the headwind, ground surface, hilliness and how fast I want to go. I'm pretty sure I could extend this to the suggested 40km if I used only power level 1 or 2, with pedal assist, but I bought this bike for speed, so typically I'm in the power level 3 through 8 range. :)

Power level 9 with pedal assist is outrageously easy and fast.

The battery charger is pretty much as stated with 4 hrs to fully charge.

The Bad: I've only had it for a couple of weeks but have had to replace both my front and rear wheels (tubes) due to flats. Normally I'd be averaging one flat every 6 months on my other bikes.

The first flat was on the rear wheel and it happened on the first day of riding. The puncture was directly over where the tube sits on the wheel, and I noted the following (a) there was no 'rim tape' to protect the tube from the wheel, (b) the tube had an actual inflated internal diameter of approx. 22 1/2" to 23" (even though it said it had a 26" diameter) and was only 1 1/8 " wide.

The second flat occurred about a week later on the front wheel. The puncture was more traditional, in that it was on the side of the tube where the wheel makes contact with the ground, suggesting a sharp object on the ground pierced the wheel and tube. (However it was a little off to one side so a pinch puncture isn't necessarily out of the question. See note below).

Noteworthy was the fact that the front wheel also had no 'rim tape', and the dimensions of the front tube were way different to that of the rear tube even though both wheels are identical (front tube measured an actual 26" (internal diameter) and 2 1/8" (at the rim)).

I'm not sure why the tubes were so different, or why there was no rim tape, a simple fix of adding rim tape and maybe puncture proof tubes that fit the wheel exactly would be a good easy fix. :)

The suggested tyre pressure is 40 psi (as indicated on the tyre rim). I've discussed this with some experienced bikers and they expressed concern that it might be a little low and could cause 'pinching' punctures on the rim when going over harder objects at speed. This was more my concern for the puncture on the front wheel, however that is only a theory, and as I've already said, it could also have been a piercing puncture. However I will keep an eye out for more punctures in the future and hope that my addition of rim tape and puncture resistant tubes will stop any further flat tyres from occurring.

There was no documentation in the box on how to set up or use my Bafang handle bar display. While riding I have no read out of speed or other information that I would expect to see on an eBike. I have to 'tap' my brakes to for the display to show me what power level (1-9) the motor is currently set at and to see how much battery charge is remaining (indicated as either 1-5 bars of power remaining). I suspect it's a problem with the cadence sensor but I do not have the technical savvy to fix it without some help from Dillinger, which brings me to my next point.

I have phoned Dillinger twice (separate days) and was greeted with an answering machine on both occasions. I left a message asking them to get back to me and was hoping this could be done within 24 hours but alas this was not the case. So the after sales service is a little disappointing at the moment. :(

Unknown: It is still early days for me riding this bike, and the only unknown for me is battery life! All indicators suggest that keeping it 'almost' topped up, by recharging once a month and traveling down the street and back a couple of times (say 2kms-ish) is the best way to get the maximum number of recharges and performance out of this battery.

Summary: I really like this bike. It is fast, real fast. I feel the Hunter is priced well for a 750W mid-drive off-road bike. My friends have all tried it and they have been impressed with it also. After sales service hasn't been great in terms of answering their phones, and I still don't know exactly how fast I'm going, but I don't need to, I ride by feel not by the speedometer. A little attention to the tyre/tube issues and adding rim tape to the wheel would be advantageous for getting good reviews. :) Having said all that, I would highly recommend buying this bike if you can afford it. :) (Posted on 8/10/2015)
(2015 Model) Hunter 750W OffroadReview by Neil
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
The second e-bike of our household. This thing looks even more gangster than it does in the photos. A real head turner. The BBS02 has power to burn and with the "Hot Rod-ing" of the throttle makes the world of difference to the way the kit responds. The other bike a BBS02 is not a Hot Rod and its going to have to be now that I have ridden one that is. The Hunter is not built for lightness. It is a heavy bike. The front fork works extremely well and handles all the bumps. The seatpost also aides the ride as it has a spring on it as well.The seat is also a relatively padded one. The The Hydrolic brakes work very well. My other bike has a Shimano 10 speed free wheel on the rear derailer. This gives an excellent range and combined with the standard front cog on the BBS02 is well matched. The Deore is a good quality unit and I am happy to see it on the Hunter as well.The only thing missing IMHO is a mid drive gear changer sensor. I have one on my home build. Problem is you can't have a gear sensor and a e-brake cutoff so Dillenger have gone for safety over function on this one point. Bafang needs to build a splitter cable for the e-brake cut out plug which allows you to split into two plugs so you can have the e-brake as well as a gear sensor running on the same plug. Full points to you Dillenger for putting this one together - an almost complete off road unit bar the tyres. The ones on the bike aren't off road knobblies which surprises me but its a minor swap out. (Posted on 30/09/2015)

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