Worth Every Penny!

I wanted to upgrade my 25-mile commute with an electric bike. I love riding bikes everyday (7,000 miles a year) and now that I am getting a bit older, I want to save my knees and ankles so I can mountain bike on my days off. This kit fits the bill.

The conversion was very easy with only a minor glitch; the battery was dead. Roger (customer service) very patiently worked with me to get the bike working in perfect order.

I ride from a hilly area to San Francisco that covers 25 miles and about 900 feet of climbing. I can ride this at the higher assist levels (4&5) at about 18 mph average and 21 miles top speed and this is going into a 20 mph headwind! In addition, the battery will still have a bit of power left when I get to the office. It cuts about a half hour off my riding time and I am not a sweaty person when I get there. My bike with the kit, my bags and myself on the scale weighs in about 280 pounds.

I researched electric bike wheel kits for a while before deciding that Dillenger was the best deal. I am glad I did it. The connectors are very sturdy and the battery pack looks well made. The motor runs nearly silent and is compact, roughly the diameter of a disc rotor. I calculated that around 6,000 miles of riding it would have paid for itself.

Not only is this a quality product, but the customer service is excellent! I am tempted in a year or two to upgrade to the 1000 watt, but this is perfect for right now.


John B.